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Economic Vitality

We provide financial support and educational resources to help bolster small businesses.


A healthy economy is important to improving the quality of life for Pontiac residents. Studies indicate that financial status is directly linked to life expectancy for poor adults. We also believe that a strong business community supports the revitalization of Pontiac and that business owners in communities like Pontiac are often excluded from funding opportunities. In response, the Pontiac Community Foundation provides financial support and educational resources to help bolster the small business community in Pontiac. At Pontiac Community Foundation, we believe that investing in capacity building for nonprofits strengthens program delivery and positions them for more impactful collaboration.

  • Launched the Center for Pontiac Entrepreneurship to provide services for underestimated founders in the community, including offering two Entrepreneurship 101 courses for 19 entrepreneurs
  • Awarded more than $15,000 to Pontiac small businesses for COVID-19 emergency relief and entrepreneurship programming
  • Granted over $24,000 in funding to local nonprofit organizations to expand their impact in the community, including the launch of the Pontiac Impact Challenge
  • Expanded a local art experience program to equip those battling physical disabilities.
  • Supported literacy efforts for elementary-aged children in Pontiac.

Economic Vitality


Pontiac Community Foundation also provides Community Fund and Fiduciary Support for the Mattie McKinney Hatchett Legacy Fund
, Friends of the Pontiac Parks
 Association, Growing Pontiac
 and Pontiac SUN Time Bank. PCF will be expanding its philanthropic services to include additional donor engagement activities, such as donor advised funds and endowment development in the coming years.

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