Center for Pontiac Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial Support Organization (ESO)

CFPE offers programming and support services that meet entrepre­neurs where they are and provides a framework to take them where they want to go. These programs utilize a direct support network to expand upon our three main pillars:

  1. Skills represent the core education classes and curriculum of CFPE. Small business owners will leave with increased skills and knowledge to develop their idea and/or business.
  2. Support includes any and all the programs that uplift and grow local businesses such as workshops, networking events, mentorship, technical assistance, alumni programs, etc.
  3. Capital represents not only funding but also other assets that support the sustainability and growth of a business’ operations such as physical space and equipment.

The Convener

CFPE is the glue for Pontiac’s small business ecosystem and its convenor.  CFPE brings together stakeholders who touch and serve the city’s small business community. By convening this group, stakeholders become more aware of each other’s work and the needs of the city’s entrepreneurs, driving the conversation, while also revealing gaps and duplication.

Small Business Grants

Through the Capital pillar of the Center for Pontiac Entrepreneurship, we will be providing a multitude of small business grants throughout 2021 focused on supporting entrepreneurs challenged by the COVID-19 crisis and business expansion. Use of this funding is flexible as identified by the small business owner, with particular focus on utilizing funding for the following purposes:

  • Payroll costs for employees and contractual labor
  • Rent, lease, mortgage payments and utilities for the business
  • COVID-19-related expenses including PPE and sanitation supplies
  • Cost of critical business operations

Additional grant opportunities are available to small businesses owners in Pontiac. Join our mailing list to stay informed about opportunities.

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