Neighborhood Planning Manager

Jacob Willson

Jacob Willson serves as Neighborhood Planning Manager, assisting the team in the implementation and evaluation of various community development programs. He has a passion for identifying social issues, particularly those related to housing and community development, and developing comprehensive and equitable solutions. He strongly supports giving credence to community members in the identification of these issues and in the formulation of solutions. Jacob believes that upward mobility is dependent upon having a strong support system, which is fostered through vibrant and diverse communities.

Jacob holds a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Central Michigan University. While attending CMU, he authored several research papers on a variety of issues such as quality student housing, housing financed through chattel loans, cyberbullying among middle school aged children, and teaching practices to improve career readiness. He is currently a masters candidate in the Urban Planning program at Wayne State University, with a concentration in housing and community development.

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