Task Force on Racial Health Inequities

The Task Force on Racial Health Inequities will create a long-term strategy and action plan to address critical health inequities by race for Pontiac residents. The task force is focusing on poverty, exposure to trauma and violence, and providing support systems. The action plan will serve as a guide for initiatives to improve Pontiac, including a community education campaign focused on health topics. Members of the Task Force began convening in February 2021 and the action plan will be finalized in November 2021.

Social Determinants of Health Framework

The Task Force has the following focus areas:

Poverty: A system that has perpetuated racism and entrenched people in a generational welfare state, limiting economic mobility, creating a lack of opportunity and hope, and providing a detrimental quality of life. The normalization of elements of poverty into laws and policies force people into financial disparities, including lack of access to jobs that pay a livable wage.

Exposure to Trauma/Violence: Exposure to early and/or cumulative trauma that negatively impacts someone’s life on an individual, community, and systemic level and the long-term impacts on their view and response to society, particularly when that trauma is normalized, involuntary, generational.

Support Systems: Welcoming, non-judgmental, culturally and linguistically relevant care, through programs, systems, community and individuals that understand the issues, and offer solutions that meet people where they are and empower people to achieve their aspirations.

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