Mattie Mckinney-Hatchett Park Renovation

Pontiac Community Foundation believes strongly in the importance of our community feeling valued, and this begins with developing spaces for people to gather, congregate, and recreate. No one embodies this desire more than Mattie McKinney Hatchett , a community leader and legend.

Pontiac Community Foundation has committed to redeveloping Mattie McKinney Hatchett Park, formerly Neighborhood Park, into a modern-day, multi-use park for residents of all ages.

We will create a vibrant and sustainable park that is well maintained and operated, promotes inclusive programs and facilities, and provides equitable access to all residents. Construction is slated to begin in September 2021 with a grand opening ceremony to take place in Spring 2022.  Re-developing this park will not only contribute to the quality of life of the neighboring residents, but also create a way for families to connect, increase recreational activities for Pontiac residents, improve equitable opportunities for the community, and create a new space for community events and engagement.

Potential amenities upon re-development of the park
  • New outdoor fitness equipment
  • Playground equipment for all ages
  • Walking path around the park
  • Replacement of broken sidewalks
  • New park seating amenities
  • New basketball & multi-sport court
  • Soccer field and open play area
  • Updated signage and branding

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