M1 Mobility

M1 Mobility is a new initiative created in partnership with Checkered Flag Challenge, the philanthropic component of M1 Concourse, in partnership with Pontiac Community Foundation. Its mission is to provide transportation solutions to ensure the people of the City of Pontiac have access to community programs and services.

While the City of Pontiac boasts many outstanding community programs and services, one critical challenge is clear. A shortage of safe and reliable public transportation presents a significant setback for many Pontiac residents, especially those who rely on regular services from non-profit organizations and agencies in the city. Over 19% of Pontiac’s households have no access to a vehicle. This number is staggering compared to 5.2% for Oakland County and 7.7% for the State of Michigan. Among factors contributing to the inequities are higher transportation costs, including auto insurance, which make it extremely difficult for residents to own and maintain vehicles. Pontiac residents therefore face challenges from traveling to their doctor’s appointments to accessing healthy foods and resources, and for the city’s youth, participating in recreational activities.

M1 Mobility aims to help resolve these issues and ease the burden of accessing essential services throughout the community. The initiative currently partners with local organizations such as: Accent Pontiac, Center for Success, Sheriff PAL, Identify Your Dream Foundation, City of Pontiac Senior Centers, and a host of others to deliver services. If you would like to inquire about using our community-based transportation services, please email Derrick Loruss.

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